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Simple, Secure and Convenient Contactless Mobile Payment Services on NFC mobile phones

For some time now, there has been growing market desire to deliver a complete contactless mobile solution to bring convenience to the daily life of consumers: allowing users to use their mobile devices for not only making and receiving phone calls, but also access doors, make secure contactless payment, collect or redeem loyalty points, etc.

However, because of the different stakeholders involved in delivering an NFC solution, discussions, negotiations, and compromises are required to launch services with the current institutions, hampering the potential and possibility for a successful business model for NFC applications.

Appreciating the complexity of delivering NFC contactless services within the current ecosystem structure, Taisys provides the NFC duoPASS (for handsets with NFC support) solutions on which banks, payment service providers, and businesses could leverage to deliver their NFC services to their user base.

Key features of NFC duoPASS™ for NFC handsets

  • Separate chip allowing service providers to issue, maintain, and manage their own applications and services without having to rely on MNO / MVNO or TSM entity.
  • Compatible with existing NFC devices and existing SIM cards.​​
  • Taisys NFC duoPASS™ stick-on SIM utilizes SWP and enables service providers to enable NFC functionality in new smart phones supporting NFC and SWP without having to co-work with local MNO / MVNO, or TSM.​​
  • The ultra slim form factor of SIMoME technology allows Taisys’ NFC duoPASS to be attached to a standard sized SIM card and placed into the user's mobile device without additional modification.​
  • Once inserted, the NFC duoPASS SIM acts as a standard NFC SIM card while standard GSM / 3GPP / ETSI commands are passed through to the attached SIM card without interference, allowing NFC functionality to be added to the user's device without the service provider having to work with all MNOs to issue operator specific SWP enabled NFC SIMs.​